Welcome to the Crabtree Boat Club Website

Crabtree Boat Club is for the alumni of Cambridge University Boat Club. Our core members are blues and Goldie members and we invite other quality club oarsmen to join us. Currently our main strength is in men’s masters rowing from vet C (minimum average age 43) upwards but we also have an active younger base of those continuing their rowing having recently left Cambridge.

We compete in all the leading British masters competitions and have enjoyed a high level of success. For those rowing at this level, the typical week comprises outings early on Saturday and Sunday mornings and land training during the week. Crew makeups will vary from week to week according to availability though they will stabilise in the runup to a major event. As the days lighten we sometimes get out on the water once during the week.

The younger generations of Crabtree oarsmen have competed at Henley and other domestic regattas regularly in recent years, often forming crews with Bosporos oarsmen and racing as 1829 Boat Club, which consists of the members of both the other clubs. Recent highlights include winning the Wyfold’s at Henley in 2007, a year in which 1829 were also semi-finalists in the Britannia, and the 1829 victory in the 2010 Thames Cup with an all Oxford crew. The younger generation also regularly enjoy frequent tours abroad.

The Club also races overseas as “Cambridge University Alumni” and has a formal arrangement with CUBC to provide alumni crews for invitations to which the current CUBC squad cannot respond.

The club constitution and rules and a list of current members are displayed in the club.

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